Desktopscans Privacy Policy

Desktopscans respects your privacy and is strongly committed to protecting your personal information. This document explains how we use and safeguard your information. If you have any questions, or if you wish more explanation, donít hesitate to contact us.

Data collection

Desktopscans collects IP addresses and other technical anonymous data (such as version of your Operating System) to analyze the use of our website. However, we do not attach these data to any personal information, which means your visit will be registered but you will remain anonymous.


Personal information is not stored in cookies.

Access and use of information

When you register as a member, the information will be accessed only by Desktopscans. Your information will never be sold to any third party, for any reason. However, your information may be shared with others if they are explicitly authorized by law.

Your data will only be kept for as long as itís reasonably needed and it will only be used for the purpose stated in your file: the purpose of keeping your file is to thoroughly and efficiently serve you. Once the purpose has been achieved, your file will be automatically deleted, or weíll contact you for the consent to keep it in our database.


Desktopscans maintains a strict anti-SPAM policy. Desktopscans will not, under any circumstances engage in unsolicited commercial e-mail, or allow our name or domain to be used for any such purposes.


If you wish to stop receiving newsletters or other materials from Desktopscans, please send your request to our e-mail address.

Changes to the privacy policy

Desktopscans reserves the right to change, modify or amend this policy at any time.